Gunther Marsche

Gunther Marsche is a biochemist and Associate Professor at the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology of the Medical University of Graz.

Research interests:

A major research topic of his laboratory is to understand the role of inflammation and oxidant stress in lipid metabolism and the pathogenesis of atherothrombotic diseases. His research group investigates the molecular basis underlying the loss of protective effects of high-density lipoproteins during inflammation and disturbed cholesterol homeostasis of leukocytes, platelets and endothelial cells, using biophysical chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and mass spectrometry.


  • Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
    Medical University of Graz
    Universitätstplatz 4
    8010 Graz, Austria
  • Tel: +43 316 380-4513
    Fax: +43 316 380-9645
  • CV: link
  • Publications: link

Lab infrastructure:

  • Cell culture facilities
  • Biochemical, molecular biology and cell biology facilities
  • Microscopic, histochemical and immunofluorescence facilities
  • Proteomics platform: 2D-gel electrophoresis, ChemiDoc XRS System (for quantitative analysis of protein samples)
  • BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer
  • xMarkMicroplate spectrophotometer
  • HPLC
  • Cellix Cell Perfusion system (to study cells under shear flow conditions)
  • ECIS Ztheta + 96-well array station (impedance-based method to study cells grown in tissue culture such as barrier function)
  • APACT 4004 Platelet Aggregation System
  • FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader (for measuring Ca2+ flux)