Rudolf Schicho

Rudolf Schicho is a biologist and Associate Professor at the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology of the Medical University of Graz.

Research interests:

Work in his lab focuses on the role of cannabinoid and prostaglandin receptors and their endogenous ligands in gastrointestinal inflammation and colon cancer. One of his main interests is the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of colon tumors. His research expertise includes models of intestinal inflammation, colon cancer and metastasis, and in vitro assays in cancer cell lines and epithelial cells to study oncogenic behavior at the cellular level. His group also investigates the role of monoglyceride hydrolases in experimental models of inflammatory bowel diseases and colon cancer.


  • Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
    Medical University of Graz
    Universitätstplatz 4
    8010 Graz, Austria
  • Tel: +43 316 380-7851
    Fax: +43 316 380-9645
  • CV: link
  • Publications: link

Lab infrastructure:

  • Cell culture facilities
  • Biochemical, molecular biology and cell biology facilities
  • Microscopic, histochemical and immunofluorescence facilities
  • Proteomics platform: 2D-gel electrophoresis, ChemiDoc XRS System (for quantitative analysis of protein samples)
  • BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer
  • xMarkMicroplate spectrophotometer
  • HPLC
  • Cellix Cell Perfusion system (to study cells under shear flow conditions)
  • ECIS Ztheta + 96-well array station (impedance-based method to study cells grown in tissue culture such as barrier function)
  • APACT 4004 Platelet Aggregation System
  • FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader (for measuring Ca2+ flux)
  • Cannabinoid and prostaglandin D2 receptor-deficient mice
  • Various global other knockout mouse models (e.g. Δdbl-GATA1 knockout and IL-5 transgenic mice)


CRTH2 positive staining (DAB) in cells of the lamina propria of the colonic mucosa and the epithelium from a patient with inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis).
Immunofluorescence of CB1-positive neurons in the myenteric plexus of the mouse colon from a MGL knockout mouse; nucleic staining with DAPI.